CW-02A Addendum-2

Addendum-2 and other documents for CW-02A

1. Pursuant to the ITB Clause 8.1 and ITB Clause 8.2, the Addendum-2 is hereby issued and shall form part of the Bidding Document for Construction of Common Urban Infrastructures- Zone A, CW-02A. The following attachments shall form part of and constitute the Addendum-2:
                       1. Addendum-2 : Addendum-2 
                       2a. ZAR-DT-06 (R1): ZAR-DT-06 (R1)
                       2b. ZAR-DT-14 (R1): ZAR-DT-14 (R1)
                       2c. BR-PD-01-1 to BR-PD-01-4 Pedestrian Bridge over Omchhu: BR-PD-01-1 to BR-PD-01-4 Pedestrian Bridge over Omchhu
                       2d. 065-01 & 065-02_Pedestrian Bridge-10M: 065-01 & 065-02_Pedestrian Bridge-10M
                       2e. 066-01 & 066-02_Pedestrian Bridge-20M: 066-01 & 066-02_Pedestrian Bridge-20M
                       2f. 067-01 & 067-02_Pedestrian Bridge-30M: 067-01 & 067-02_Pedestrian Bridge-30M
                       3a. Supplementary Technical Specifications-1: Supplementary Technical Specifications-1
                       3b. Supplementary Technical Specifications-2:  Supplementary Technical Specifications-2

NOTE: Pursuant to the ITB Clause 8.3 and ITB Clause 22.2, the Deadline for Submission of Bids has been further extended to 22/08/2021.

2. Pursuant to the ITB Clause 7.1, the Employer hereby provides its responses to the queries and clarifications sought by the prospective bidders in the attachment below:
    A. Responses to Queries from Bidders_CW-02A: Responses to Queries from Bidders_CW-02A

NOTE: The excel sheets of the BOQ, following the Bidders’ request to the Employer, are provided as an attachment below:
             D1. CW-02A-BoQ Bill No. 1 to 6: CW-02A-BoQ Bill No. 1 to 6
             D2. CW-02A-BoQ Bill No. 7 to 14: CW-02A-BoQ Bill No. 7 to 14

3. Pursuant to the ITB Clause 7.6, the PowerPoint presentation file and Minutes of the Pre-Bid meeting held on 18/02/2021 are hereby attached as:
    B. Pre-Bid Meeting PPT file_CW-02A_18.02.2021: Pre-Bid Meeting PPT file_CW-02A_18.02.2021
    C. Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting_CW-02A_18.02.21: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting_CW-02A_18.02.21